Friday, March 28, 2008

Interview wtih an Etsy Seller

Today I am featuring another Etsy seller! yay! Nikki from Her shop is full of "Natural Candles, Perfumes and lovely smelling things." I had seen her around in the Etsy forums, and after checking out her shop I instantly made her one of my favorite shops! I am a huge scent person! I probly own more perfumes and sprays then you can imagine! I haven't yet had the chance to try out her stuff, but the descriptions alone drew me in! Some of it sounds so sensual, some crisp and clean, and there are even some yummy type scents that I'm sure would tempt you to take a taste!

I gave her a little interview, so read on and don't forget to stop by her shop and see if there is something there to tempt you! ;)

1. How did you learn about etsy, and what made you decide to open up shop here?

I learned about Etsy through a website called I came across a record cover purse there and that was my first purchase. A few months later after seeing that I could have a website and also sell on Etsy; I opened my shop up. I didn't know how it would work out or if I would get any business, but after 2 months, my shop took off!

2. What would you say is one of the best parts to owning your own shop? Worst part?
The best part of running and owning my Etsy shop is the ability to quickly add new items and immediately promote them to hundreds of people. With a website, it takes so much longer to add new items, upload photos and there is not a guarantee getting that new item any attention. The worst part of owning my own shop is the fear of getting negative feedback. The upside to that is it keeps you at your best when you know that people can leave that feedback if they are not happy.I think it has made me a better business owner so, really, it isn't a bad thing.

3. What is your favorite item that you sell and why?
I love making and selling my botanical perfumes. I am so proud of them and I think they are unique and lovely. Etsy has really been a great venue in which to sell and get feedback on my perfumes. They have done really well here and I look forward to creating new blends.

4. What is your favorite thing about etsy, such as features... etc..?
There are so many features on Etsy that I just love, but the recent comeback of Alchemy is my favorite. I also love the Time Machine seeing what has just been added and sold. It is a blast to see the activity. I also have to say the Promo Forums has hands down made the biggest difference in my business. I was barely selling anything until I started heavily promoting my shop in there.

5. Finally, if you could give any peice of advice to other sellers, especially new seller, what would it be?
The 2 pieces of advice I would give to another seller would be these: (1) Promote, Promote, Promote in the Forums and (2) Buy from other shops to get your feedback numbers up. This will not only give you some credibility, but it will introduce you to other shops.


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