Friday, March 14, 2008

Photographers Of Etsy

So, apparently there was once a street team on Etsy called P.O.E. Photographers Of Etsy, and it died. However, it has now been miraculously revived and is going strong! It is now lead by Bill from House of Six Cats,, and Erika from ELBfoto, There are many other members who also have a huge part in this street team, and there is even a shop just for the street team!

I just wanted to share a few of my personal favorites. They are my favorites because of thier work, as well as because of who they are. That is one of my favorite things about Etsy, you can get to know these people, it is a community. There aren't too many places you can go online to sell your wares where you can get to know others like you, and become part of a community where we all help each other, rather that compete with each other.

My first mention is Houseofsixcats. He has been helpful and friendly, and was one of the first photographers I really made contact with on Etsy. Even being as busy as he is with family, photography, and being a co-leader of P.O.E., he has always seemed to have time to answer others questions, offer advise, and encourage other photographers. He's definetly an inspiration!

I never knew what TTV photography was until I saw sixcats ttv photos. Now I know, Through The Viewfinder. Useally done by using your camera, and taking the picture through the viewfinder of an older, vintage camera. I love the results! It's a picture that has a lovely vintage look to it, lots of character!

This one is called "Seaside Memory"

This one is called "Aged Flowers" He also has many other types of photography and items in his shop. Be sure to visit!

My second mention would be Melody from Aria Images, I got to know her a little through a fundraising thread she was doing. She is very nice, and wonderfully talented! Although I am not big on architecture, her images are so lovely! It makes me want to visit those places so that I can see the beauty my self! She also has some great nature photos, as well as some vintage feel stuff. Be sure to check out her shop as well!
This photo is called "Casa". I love the color of the building, and the shape of the windows!

This one is called "Old Thrills". This is one of the more vintage feel photos I was talking about. It seems to take you back to those old carnival days of corndogs and cotton candy! ;)


Rosebud Collection said...

Love the pictures..Beautiful.

ThePeachTree said...

I'm so happy to hear that it's been revived!