Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moving Sale and Fundraising!!!

O.k. so I am a bit behind in blogging! lol! I do have a contest all ready, it will come soon, but first I wanted to mention that I will be MOVING!!!! Just to another location in the same city. However, I still would like to make my move as easy as possible, so I have put a bunch of stuff in both my shops on SALE!!! So that I have a few less things to have to pack up, move, and unpack.

In addition to that, I am also trying to raise some extra funds! My cousins wedding is coming up, and I really, really, REALLY wanna go! lol! Of course, that takes money, which I have very little of at the moment. So from now until June 10th (when I need to send the rsvp in) I will be trying to hustle it and raise as much as possible so that me and my two kids can attend! My kids are 5 and 2 so that means I will need to buy them BOTH their own plane tickets.

SO..... just think, if you buy something from my shops right now, you are not only getting yourself something! You will be making my move easier, and helping me get that much closer to being able to attend my cousins wedding! YAY! What a deal! ;)

Also, I am going to have a sort of blog sale. Buy one soap from either of my shops, get a second one for half off! (equal or lesser value of course) If you would like a dog soap from one shop, and a soap for you from my other shop, just let me know and I will create a custom listing just for you! If you buy from just one shop, just mention "blog sale" in note to seller during checkout. Then you can either wait for a revised invoice, or pay and I will refund the difference. Shipping and handling still applies at the second item rate.

Thanks for all your support! Happy shopping! ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Random Etsy Finds

What can you find on Etsy? Well, let's see! ;)

How about this adorable Princess Leia Mouse from

Or this Plantable Paper Cat Greeting Card set of 3 embedded with Catnip Seeds from

Well? A couple of cool finds, huh? ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Winner!!! yay!!!

Congrats to Rachel for winning the giveaway! She chose a bar of Awapuhi Seaberry Body Soap. I hope you enjoy!
Keep an eye out for my next give-away! It will be coming up in the next couple weeks!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Contest Time!!

O.k. So here is how this contest will work. I have a poll in the right column. All you have to do is cast your vote, and then leave me a comment on why you chose the answer you did. That will be your entry. After the poll closes, I will have my hubby pick a random number, and that will determine the winner! To make it easy on me and you, it would be best if you could provide me with an email. If you would prefer to not have it in your comment, you may just visit my etsy store at and convo me with it. Also, if you do not have a blog account and it won't let you leave a comment, but you would like to enter, you may also leave me your comment by contacting me through my store. One entry per person! ;)

So, I'm sure your wondering what you'll win! The winner will receive a wonderfully handmade bar of soap! yay! You can either choose a bar of Clean Doggy Dog Soap from my shop, or you can choose a bar for yourself from my other shop, Once a winner is chosen, I will email you to let you know, and you can email me your choice along with where you would like me to send it!
Good luck to all who enter!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Interview wtih an Etsy Seller

Today I am featuring another Etsy seller! yay! Nikki from Her shop is full of "Natural Candles, Perfumes and lovely smelling things." I had seen her around in the Etsy forums, and after checking out her shop I instantly made her one of my favorite shops! I am a huge scent person! I probly own more perfumes and sprays then you can imagine! I haven't yet had the chance to try out her stuff, but the descriptions alone drew me in! Some of it sounds so sensual, some crisp and clean, and there are even some yummy type scents that I'm sure would tempt you to take a taste!

I gave her a little interview, so read on and don't forget to stop by her shop and see if there is something there to tempt you! ;)

1. How did you learn about etsy, and what made you decide to open up shop here?

I learned about Etsy through a website called I came across a record cover purse there and that was my first purchase. A few months later after seeing that I could have a website and also sell on Etsy; I opened my shop up. I didn't know how it would work out or if I would get any business, but after 2 months, my shop took off!

2. What would you say is one of the best parts to owning your own shop? Worst part?
The best part of running and owning my Etsy shop is the ability to quickly add new items and immediately promote them to hundreds of people. With a website, it takes so much longer to add new items, upload photos and there is not a guarantee getting that new item any attention. The worst part of owning my own shop is the fear of getting negative feedback. The upside to that is it keeps you at your best when you know that people can leave that feedback if they are not happy.I think it has made me a better business owner so, really, it isn't a bad thing.

3. What is your favorite item that you sell and why?
I love making and selling my botanical perfumes. I am so proud of them and I think they are unique and lovely. Etsy has really been a great venue in which to sell and get feedback on my perfumes. They have done really well here and I look forward to creating new blends.

4. What is your favorite thing about etsy, such as features... etc..?
There are so many features on Etsy that I just love, but the recent comeback of Alchemy is my favorite. I also love the Time Machine seeing what has just been added and sold. It is a blast to see the activity. I also have to say the Promo Forums has hands down made the biggest difference in my business. I was barely selling anything until I started heavily promoting my shop in there.

5. Finally, if you could give any peice of advice to other sellers, especially new seller, what would it be?
The 2 pieces of advice I would give to another seller would be these: (1) Promote, Promote, Promote in the Forums and (2) Buy from other shops to get your feedback numbers up. This will not only give you some credibility, but it will introduce you to other shops.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Eat, or Not to Eat Continued

So, in my last post I mentioned a few common food items that you should have your dog avoid. These are items that may be harmless for humans (unless you have an allergy to them of course), but can be very toxic to our furry friends. I wanted to add three more items to this list.

Grapes (and raisins)

Grapes and raisins contain an unknown toxin that can lead to acute kidney and liver failure in dogs. The condition is severe and comes on quickly. Some dogs are more susceptible to dangerous effects from grapes and raisins than others, and unfortunetly there is no other way to tell unless you encounter a problem.


Onions and other members of the allium family may cause abnormalities in red blood cells, resulting in anemia.


Mushrooms can contain various toxins that can affect your dogs nervous system, causing vomiting and diarrhea. Watch out for those mushrooms that may grow wild in your back yard and at parks!

And just remember, when in doubt, be sure to check with your vet. Or just tell yourself, when in doubt, your dog can do without! ;)

My next post will be a little lighter! ;) I am featuring a seller! Be sure to check back so you can see this great shop and read the interview! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Eat, or Not to Eat

I thought that since I sell dog biscuits in my etsy shop, I would provide some helpful information about dogs and thier health. Hopefully those readers who have dogs will find someting useful here! ;)

Dogs and humans have different metabolism's, and some foods that humans can eat are potentially toxic in dogs. Read labels carefully and become familiar with the foods dogs should avoid.


Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. In dogs, chocolate causes increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive urination, andrestlesness. Toxic doses can lead to seizures, irregular heart rhythm, and in some cases even death.

Macadamia Nuts

These fatty nuts contain an unknown toxin that can affect your dogs muscles, as well as her digestive and nervous system.


Caffeine is found in coffe, tea, chocolate, cola, and human stimulants. Caffeinated products can be toxic and will affect your dogs heart and nervous system.

That is all I have time for today, but I will continue in my next post a few more common foods that dogs shouls avoid and why. Remember, if you are ever in doubt about what your dog can have, check with your vet. ;)