Friday, February 29, 2008

Little Odd Forest

Somehow one day, I came across this shop called Little Odd Forest, while browsing on Etsy. It caught my attention, as I LOVE all things animal, as well as all things whimsical. Here you can find whimsical animals on all sorts of things! Purses, wristlets, totes, tank tops, t-shirts, coasters, or as a cute little plush! All handmade and sent from Singapore! I have included thier bio so you can get to know a bit more about them and what they are about! Visit them at you won't be disappointed!


Welcome to my little odd forest! (^__^)"...this little odd forest may seem to be random and
chaotic at first sight. But it is within this continually evolving vastness of the forest, where
marvelously complex and colorful creatures dwell, that one can get consumed with bizarre thoughts and ideas, and find mystery, beauty, peace and delight..."
I started Forestprints Design in 2004 with my need for more quirky, odd and colorful things with spunk and personality. My web shoppe was launched on 28 October that same year. Although Forestprints Design has since grown and evolved, with the introduction of my new indie lifestyle label, littleoddforest, affectionately known as LOF by our loyal friends and fans, the essence of the brand remains the same. Since a child, I have been inspired by the wonderful childhood fantasies of bizarre fairytale adventure stories set in magical forests, resplendent with quirky images and wonderful illustrations of talking monsters, animals and trees, thus the choices of the business name, and label! All LOF goods are produced only in limited numbers, and many of them are one-of-a-kind creations, all made with lots of love and sweatshop-labor free (unless you count me myself in..). I don't really dig mass produced stuff, and feel that the world would be more beautiful if everyone had something unique, or limited, at the very least. I loves using vintage or out-of-production fabrics, and loves playing with various combinations, even if it means using a different button to make that piece unique. littleoddforest collections are rolled out 4 times a year, oftentimes incorporating different creatures and plants.
A BFA graduate from the arty-farty School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the United States, where I spent four wonderful years, my passion is to fuse my love for all things design, be it the graphic arts, product design, packaging or fashion, together with her own unique sense of style. I will lay her hands on everything if I could! LOF is not interested in becoming a fashion trend - it aims to be a lifestyle.
Pervasive creativity, baby!


Waterrose said...

what a cute hedgehog!....great photography as well!

SuperMOM said...

OMGOSH that little hedgehog is to die for!!!!!!!!!!