Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So Many Talented Etsians!

There are just too many talented people selling thier wares on Etsy! Even if I tried, I don't think I could ever feature them all! But, I'll try anyways! At least maybe I can feature all my favorites! ;)

Today I only have time to feature one. I never thought I would be so into art! It came as a last thought to me. But Etsy has changed that around! Now my thoughts are swirling with all this wonderful art, and my problem is trying to decide what to get! I don't have enough walls for all the art I would like to aquire! Well, anyway, this is one of those shops I would love to buy some art from. http://www.meredithdillman.etsy.com/ Here you'll find anime, fairy, fantasy, dragon, kitsune, anthro, geisha, witch, angel, mermaid, goddess art and more! I've always loved mythelogical creatures and fantasy, so this is the perfect art shop for me! Check out her store and see what you might find you need on your wall! ;)

This one is my absolute favorite! I'm drawn to these gorgeous colors!

I like this one because it is so different! ;)


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SuperMOM said...

WOW love the details and the color! The pictures are so happy. I just love COLOR and both of those are AWESOME!