Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Etsy Favs

O.k. So there is soooo much awesome stuff on Etsy! I felt I just had to share some of my fav items and sellers! I thought I would start with the first shop that "hearted" me. Not only do I appreciate her giving me my first heart, but I Love her photography and art work! She's definetly got talent, so stop by her shop and check out her stuff!

Another shop I absolutley love would be Pixel Cafe. They have created so many awesome banners and avatars for peoples shops, that I wish I could have more than two shops! I'm going to have to get a custom one made, cuz I can never decide which one I want! So if you have a shop or a web page that needs graphics, go see Pixel Cafe!

Unfortunetly thats all I have time for today! With two kids I'm suprised I can do this much! Check back later for more! ;)

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